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Project Description

The WPFGhosts is a Undo Redo Framework which's based on the WPF's dependency property. It can provide the functions for the WPF's DependencyObjects and their Relationships as follows:

  1. Undo and Redo .
  2. Copy,Cut and Paste .
  3. Data persistence (planing...).

Different from the traditional solution which's using command pattern,It's to run throuth the creation of GhostHosts tree model, as well as the  high cohesion of object-oriented Design,so the framework is very powerful and easy to use. Currently, the framework provide services for the application of WPFSchematics , and the effect is perfect.


  1. Construct an GhostHosts tree.
  2. Register the root of the GhostHosts tree to the transaction manager(GhostTranscation).
  3. Add the GhostTranscation.BeginTranscation method and the GhostTrancation.EndTranscation method to the code segment.
  4. Invoke the Method of GhostTranscation.Undo or the Method of GhostTranscation.Redo in order to the  Management of Object Life Cycle.

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